Moscow Shopping Malls

Feeling like shopping in Moscow? The many shopping centres and malls will keep you busy for hours if not days. These shopping areas have everything from the latest fashion boutiques to fine restaurants.


GUM Moscow-, Moscow Region

The GUM shopping mall is a landmark in Moscow's Red Square. It occupies the majority of the historic square's east side with a facade stretching the length of two and a half football fields. The G


Atrium Moscow-, Moscow Region

The Atrium is a massive modern shopping and entertainment centre located on the Garden Ring. Within its enormous area, you will find hundreds of shops, a cinema complex and much more.


TSUM Moscow-, Moscow Region

TSUM is one of Moscow's largest Department Stores located right inside the City Center within walking distance from Bolshoy Theater, the Red Square, History Museum and the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Vnukovo Outlet Village

Vnukovo Outlet Village Moscow, Moscow Region

Vnukovo Outlet Village is one of the first international styled shopping malls in Russia. The Outlet is placed in the forest area 8kms from the MKAD

Europeisky Shopping Mall

Europeisky Shopping Mall Moscow, Moscow Region

The Europeisky "Evropeysky" Shopping Mall is one of the largest and most modern in Moscow. It comprises eight floors spread over 180,000 square meters. The shopping centre has a central location and

Afimall City

Afimall City Moscow-City, Moscow Region

Afimall is a part of the ambitious and innovative project Moscow City to construct a giant shopping and entertainment centre with all the facilities to make work life comfortable and luxurious.


MEGA Moscow, Moscow Region

MEGA is a new concept for shopping, leisure and relaxation for the entire family.The MEGA vision is to set a new standard of retail experience for visitors at each of its Family Shopping Centers.

Crocus City Mall

Crocus City Mall Moscow, Moscow Region

Crocus City Mall is a luxury shopping mall that is located just outside Moscow's ring road. A magnificent elegant building, the interiors transport you to a luxurious tropical park.


Nautilus Moscow-, Moscow Region

Nautilus is a shopping centre located right in the heart of Moscow. Built in the shape of a ship, it offers more than 6,000 square metres of pure shopping delight, an aesthetic clinic and restaurants.

Metropolis Shopping Centre

Metropolis Shopping Centre Moscow, Moscow Region

The Metropolis is one of the largest and newest shopping malls in Moscow, which opened in January 2009. Spread over a vast territory of 241,000 square metres.


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