Moscow Children

Moscow, as any developed metropolis, can offer a wide range of activities and education for children. Here you can find excellent opportunities to give your children the world-standard education at international schools, where they will study with children from all over the world, or invite highly professional gouverneurs to give private lessons at home. Leisure is not less important: various entertaining activities, games, culinary master classes are perfectly organized for your kids to spend amazing time in Moscow and make new friends.


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International School of Moscow
  • International School of Moscow

  • Address: Krylatskoye Campus - Moscow, Krylatskaya Steet 12, Moscow Region, 121552
P'tit CREF 1905

Tucked into a quiet and cozy area near Moscow's city center, P'titCREF 1905 offers a one-of-a-kind approach to early childhood education. The trilingual education center ...


The Moscow Maritime Aquarium is a public Oceanarium and located on Chistye Prudy in the city centre and so very conveniently situated for a visit. Fish, sea urchins, star...

Torture Museum

Museums gained long ago a rightful place in the space of sophisticated beauty, overwhelming inspiration, and spreading light. But sometimes there are exceptions to the ru...