Moscow French

French cuisine has a long history in Russia dating back to the times of Catherine the Great. World renowned dishes such as Veal Orloff, Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Kiev are all a result of the Franco-Russian cuisine of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Fine dining restaurants in Moscow today build on the legacy left by past influential Russian families who used to import the finest, rarest and most creative French foods and chefs available. ‘Haute cuisine’ mixed with the knowledge of Russian foods is a match made in heaven and a combination that Moscow’s top restaurants willingly play on.

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SVOY is a new clubhouse in the very heart of Moscow for true connoisseurs of relaxed and private atmosphere. Inspired by loft-styled London clubs, the owner created a pla...

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There is one adjective that is grossly overused in Moscow when it comes to describing restaurants. The concept, the food, the ambience, the atmosphere, the interior, the ...


"Parisienne" is a French restaurant located in a historical building, where the coronation dinner of Nicolas II was held. It continues its rich legacy in serving today's ...

Cafe Calvados

Cafe Calvados is a French Gourmet Restaurant by Alain Llorca, the chef of the legendary Le Moulins de Mougins (Michelin two stars). It is also famed for exclusive beverag...