Moscow Wellness

The look good and feel good factor in Moscow has been on the rise ever since its inhabitants increasing wealth. Day Spas, traditional Russian banyas, beauty salons, fitness centres and private healthcare have all experienced a surge in business.

This demand has attracted both foreign and local investors to Moscow’s health and beauty industry which today offers any treatment and venue imaginable to pamper yourself in style.

Featured Business
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  • Shati studio

  • Address: 4th Rostovskiy pereulok, 2, bld.2, Moscow Region
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The EMS-centers “BODY FORMING” have been created for the purpose of health improvement and body modelling. Today “Body Forming” presents a chain of centers in Mos...

Asia Beauty Spa

Chinese culture, one of the oldest cultures in the world, is dominant in a large geographical region in Eastern Asia with its customs and traditions vary greatly in each ...

ICON Paris
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Icon Paris is a full cycle beauty salon with a traditional French ambiance. The interior consists of light tones and does not feature anything extra.......